What is fine art wedding Photography?

_A4H0967Fine art photography is photography created according to the vision the artist and photographer. As opposed to representational photography, such as photojournalism, which is a documentary style of photography.

Fine art photography like any artwork is planned and styled photography that takes additional time and a relaxed environment to produce. This type of photography is done to express my style, perceptions and emotions and is created to produce images meant to hang as art in the home. Like any artist that plans their canvas I plan the images taken for fine art work down to the last detail before ever putting brush to canvas or setting up lights. The similarities are many in so far as a painter has freedom to change their painting in whatever way suites them as the creation process unfolds. The same happens in the photography process, but the greatest difference in the two mediums is in the print or developing process. As an Adobe Community Professional, I use Photoshop and LightRoom as my brushes, and have for over 25 years. Since I create my own settings and tools the results are always unique. The artwork is created specifically with my couples in mind after having them share their likes and personal style. Inevitably the results are collaborative and result in an emotional image suitable for framing and prominent display in the couples home as one of their first art pieces.

Fine Art Wedding photography expands the possibilities of the standard photojournalistic approach to wedding photography and incorporates more styling, and lighting techniques as well as special post processing to create images that evoke a sense of style and glamour that is impossible in the traditional photojournalistic approaches.

One of the essential requirements for fine art wedding photography beyond the other approaches is the willingness to set aside a few hours in your wedding day specifically for fine art photography. Where a more traditional approach would simply record the day in as beautiful a way possible, setting aside time for fine art photography on a day when you will certainly be the most beautiful is an investment that pays off in oohs and aaas when your prints arrive.