Wedding Photo or Video?

Wedding photography has it’s place as an art form used to document and display the beauty of your day, but so does a wedding day video. Yes I know that sometimes what is made these days for wedding video’s leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the state of the art for story telling and watchability. (Yes I made that word up!)

The problem is the same, as with wedding photography, most couples have no idea what’s involved in the production of a good wedding video. Here’s one we started months in advance of their wedding. We interviewed Aaron and Kate and found out just what was important to them about their relationship and each other. That was what they wanted to communicate in their wedding video.

We are very selective about the video projects we take on and will only shoot a wedding day short for you if you have already booked our photography team for your still images. Why? Simple, our videography team understands that when both the photos and video come together there will be a beautiful story to tell. We have the day and camera positions planned out. No mysteries. We have the wedding day storyboarded weeks in advance and everyone understands his or her role. If your considering video for your wedding day, do realize that if you book separate companies, their goals are probably less like a wedding day team and more like “I was hear first”. Which is great for that camera operator but not the best for your wedding day results.

Break out the popcorn…