Top 10 things that make Brides look their best in wedding photos

The first few recommendations revolve around preparations that will allow you to relax and enjoy your celebration. If you want to look your best, having all of the important wedding day details taken care of is the number one way to look your best.

1.) Relax! Yes this is your big day and you have been planning for months to get everything just right, but if your stressed on your wedding day it will show in your photography. Trust your wedding photographer! They are there to make you look good in your images. Give them your time and trust.

2.) Work with your photographer to create a wedding day timeline. I really need at least an hour with my brides and grooms (nobody else in the wedding party) in order to provide beautiful images for their album. Less than that and if anything goes wrong (No wedding day is perfect) Time must be made up.

Bridal prep and grooms prep are usually another 30 minutes of dedicated photography time. If the timeline indicates that there really is no possibility to meet the minimum photography requirements then make arrangements to take some of your images the day before or the day after. It gives the bride a chance to try out her hair and makeup, and you’ll the time to make those perfect wedding photos. Taking photos the day before or after will allow you both to be more relaxed in front of the camera and keep your day on track.

3.) Create a shot list. Of course we do this in questionnaire format with every couple, but if your photographer has not asked you and your fiancé to create a shot list then take it upon yourselves to provide them one. That list helps your photographer keep track of the images that are most important to you.

4.) Let the beautiful emotions flow! There’s nothing better in your wedding day photos than the real outpouring of emotion between a bride and groom. Don’t worry about messing up your make-up, let the good times roll and your photographer will collect them.

5.) Posing, posing, posing! Some people eschew posed photos as wooden and American Gothic looking, but let me assure you that beautiful relaxed positioning comes accross very well in your wedding photography. So start by learning a bit about posing so your ready to discuss that and provide some of your likes. Good photographers have their own styles so don’t expect that they will duplicate any image you provide. These images are still helpful as guidance for your style though. Good photographers will appreciate the ability to get to know you better.

6.) Don’t look at the camera! Some of the best images are simply moments between a bride and groom. Images where they are engrossed in each others love so much so that the whole world fades away. Those are the images you want for your walls and wedding album.

7.) Lift your chin slightly and keep your elbows away from your waist. The female form is most beautiful when we can see it, but keeping your elbows close to your sides adds to your waste, so take a tip from the top models and keep you elbows out from your sides!

8 ) Ballet hands! Take a tip from the most beautiful dancers on the planet for how you hold your hands. Never tense, always soft when posing for pictures. Palms down or out and fingers together with only the possibility of the index fingers being put to use.

9.) Shoulders back, (No slouching!) Yes it’s true if your not in the habit of practicing good posture now, then start today for a more beautiful you in you wedding day photos.

10.) Communicate with your photographer. Use them as a resource, and certainly as the artist you hired and make sure you can and do take the time in the busy months before your wedding to meet with them at least once before your wedding day. Since this is usually the first time most couples have hired a professional photographer, it’s in your best interest to maximize that investment and dialogue about your day, your album, your images and anything else.