The New Wedding Photography Site

It’s been a year in the planning stages, but now a reality. The new website and blog! Cool factor is high as well as the customization factor. It was important for me to be able to blog and communicate with all of you. The last site did not provide that unless I had a separate blog (which I didn’t) so this was a perfect solution!

Some of the favorite memories I have of this years weddings are those subtle and beautiful moments that sometimes go without a word or a glance. Things like when Kate and Aaron wanted to pray together before their wedding, but didn’t wan’t the groom to see the bride. Aaron is guided into the courtyard of the church by his dad, with a tie as a blindfold. It worked and they prayed a beautiful prayer for each other before their ceremony. The thing that went almost unnoticed in the beauty of that quiet moment, was that each time Kate smiled, so did Aaron. Without being able to se his bride to be, he could sense her expressions. That was one of the moments of 2014 I won’t soon forget. Or the sheer glamour of Tara and Preston’s wedding, where every detail and moment was as if out of a novel.

Each wedding there is always something that stands out as a special love. A touch, a look, a smile, or tears. Tori and Phil’s wedding was one of the most emotional I have ever been honored to be a part of. Tori’s dad passed away suddenly las summer and he was missed by all (including myself) at the ceremony and reception. Tears flowed during the daddy daughter dance, as first one man, then another took a small place in the line of men trying to replace Tori’s dad in this special moment. Soon the sadness turned to joy and hearts were moved less by a fathers love and more in celebration of two very loving people. To say tho was an epic wedding would have been an understatement. The room moved together as apparently everyone made it to the dance floor and stayed there most of the night. It was a great celebration of the love Tori and Phil have for each other. That love was so easy to see in the small things that go unnoticed. Hands holding, eyes locked in a loving gaze. Joy filled celebration, that’s really what it was…