Are you a “Natural Light” Photographer?

Veronica and Dan's first dance at their wedding day reception.

There are many questions asked during our meetings with new clients. Clients have interviewed multiple photographers that describe themselves as “Natural light photographers” and inevitably we discuss our style of shooting and lighting techniques.

Because we shoot to fit the look and photographic stylings we choose for our clients, the techniques we use vary with their own personal tastes. So answering the question about natural light, I can say categorically yes, and equally no. We certainly will use any and all the tricks we have to light our brides and grooms in such a way as to produce the look and feel they appreciate. We do get to know our couples very well before their ceremony and if they have a style that’s more rustic and or have a rural wedding planned, use light to create that look and feel. Lighting is just a tool to help us tell their story. Just like an artists brushes and paint, lighting and light modifiers come in an almost unlimited variety so photographers can light for almost any look.

We have many different varieties of lighting, each of which serves a different purpose. From big Paul C Buff Einstein lights to Mid size quantum lights and the speed lights, as well as LED Panels. We have even used customized flashlights for smaller lighting jobs, and all the umbrella’s and parabolic light modifiers that make this light behave.

So yes we light,naturally and artificially, to produce a feeling or bring an emotional response. That is really the main reason we make pictures. Seeing a couple’s response to an image or series of images is