Engagement or Connection?

tori&phil's connection sessionEngagement photography is very popular these days for some very important reasons. Yes of course it’s a great way to test drive your wedding photographer, and get to know them, but more importantly engagement photography becomes the first heirloom images of your relationship. Photographers love engagement sessions because they can show their couples ways to pose and move in ways that look beautiful in photos.

Engagement photography sessions usually last a one to 3 hours and result in some beautiful images. Better images result when couples are relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings and have some general posing tips. Great images will result from the clearly visible emotional connection engaged couples have. An engagement session is almost like a ‘warm up’ for the photographer and the couple, without the nerves and busyness that surround the wedding day. Nowadays, most photographers call them engagement photo sessions, e-sessions, or lifestyle sessions, however, We call them connection sessions. Many couples that I’ve shot have commented that the feeling they get when we shoot these is reconnected. Wedding planning and just the busy day to day, can sometimes keep couples so busy that they rarely stop and just take time to hold each other.

When a couple is connecting emotionally, that connection is clearly visible in the photography. Getting real emotion into images is the goal of any photographer and something that takes images to the next level. These are golden moments that stand the test of time beyond the beautiful light and surroundings. Connection sessions are sessions where couples freely express their emotions. It’s the X-factor in beautiful wedding and portrait photography.

Couples usually book one year or more in advance and if we have not met before the wedding and spent any time together trust me she will be nervous and we will be strangers. So having a connect session 4-5 months before the wedding allows brides and grooms to feel comfortable with me and by the time the wedding day rolls around they already know how a shooting session will progress and will also have learned some posing. So if we meet to book their wedding, then again the day of their connect session and afterwards to go over their images, we are already building our relationship. It’s a great way for couples to see how their photographer works, see how their images are processed and just get comfortable in front of the camera.

When the couple is comfortable enough with their photographer that they forget he or she is even there, that’s when a great session occurs. When they are connected with each other so emotionally that it can be captured in an image. Everything else is secondary to that emotion and connection. This produces images that my couples want to hang as art and showcase on their walls.