Ten things I Love about Christmas

10.) One of the first things that signals Christmas for us, (besides the Christmas music in the stores after halloween that is) Each year we buy a wreath for the front of our house from the Boy Scouts.  They know it, and we expect a visit each year so we can have our giant wreath wrapped in white lights on the front of or house.

9.) Every year we have friends and family over for Christmas Eve dinner. The menu was set in stone decades ago.  Each family member has their favorite dish. So much so that I can only make a changes by addition.  What’s on the menu you ask?  We start with a crown roast of pork, that’s marinated for 12 hours, and then covered in bacon and a apricot mustard glaze.  (recipes available upon request).  Spinach pies in a phyllo dough crust.  Six cheese Macaroni and cheese, with french bread croutons.  This year I am adding little mincemeat hand pies like my Grandmother used to make. Yes I love cooking for friends and family.

8.) Snow… Yes I love snow, the light fluffy kind, the good packing kind, and any other kind.  I figure if it’s going to be cold and dark outside, it might as well be sugar frosted!  (Jen doesn’t appreciate the white stuff so much but she puts up with my affinity anyway)

7.)  Bing Crosby & Johnny Mathis and only at this time of the year.  Bing for that deep low  voice brings back all kins of memories.  What Christmas would be complete without Johnny Mathis singing It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


6.) Memories of  my Grandma’s house in Detroit.  She covered the top of her desk with an old german Nativity scene, and added buildings and lights to make it look just like Bethlehem.

5.) Memories of my other Grandma’s chrome foil Christmas tree with shiny red balls on it.  At 6 years of age it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.  She had one of those lights on it with a spinning filter disk that would slowly change the color of the tree.  We also found that touching the tree would almost certainly give you a great big shock!

4.) Christmas movies.

It’s a Wonderful Life. Elf. Family Man, White Christmas

You know…the classics.

3.) Christmas Music.

Silent Night. O Little Town of Bethlehem. Go Tell it on the Mountain. Joy to the World. Hark the Herald Angels Sing. O Come All Ye Faithful. We Three Kings. and the Family Force 5 Christmas Album, You know…the classics.

And my favorite.

Are you ready?

Here goes.

He Has Come for Us (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) Meredith Andrews

2.) Christmas Cards from friends and family.  So much care goes into the choice of cards that makes each special.   I really enjoy the photo cards (supprize!) and love to see the faces I miss or pets dressed up in holiday lights.   I especially like the ones that come with an update letter for those that I haven’t seen in a long time.  Even though we have been so far away, it makes it seem a little more like we are together again catching up on old times and talking about life and family

1.) The Christmas worship services at church.  Yes that’s plural…not one day but 2 or three Sunday’s depending on the year.  Starts around the first week of December and goes through Christmas Eve.  Great time of celebration and love.  For me this is the real meaning of Christmas…

Sometimes the memories are more beautiful when the details are a bit blurry!